Omar Ramsden’s Key – Sheffield Hallam Library Special Collection

I have been working with lovely team in charge of looking after Sheffield Hallam University’s Special Collection. We hav been exploring the possibility of 3D scanning and printing a wax design for a key made by Omar Ramsden’s in 1905. The key is part of a the universities special collections and is an important piece of design work for both the university, Sheffield and the wider community.  The desire to create a replica of the key came from a conservation and audience engagement perspective. The key is made from wax resin and previous conservation efforts have been made to support the key shaft. The replica 3D printed key will be used to support audience engagement with visitors being able to get up close and personal with the key.

The key was 3D scanned using an Artec Spider and 3D printed in photopolymer resin. The act of making a replica allows visitors interested in the design work of Omar Ramsden to gain a deeper understanding of his craftsmanship as they are now able to physically interact with the 3D printed object.